What if?

What if… people were always nice to each other? What if… Bailey could talk to me? What if… my classroom could have a set of Chromebooks all to itself? What if… Reese’s peanut butter eggs had no calories? What if… every student had support at home? What if… peer pressure didn’t exist? What if… we could send letters to Heaven? What if… we could receive … Continue reading What if?

March Madness

March Madness is so much fun!  I love to watch the underdogs compete and win over the top seeds. It goes to show everyone that set your mind to a goal and nothing is impossible. I am a  huge Duke fan so I am hopeful they will do well, but with the way games are going this year, more upsets are still to come. Months … Continue reading March Madness

Bird watching

I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching and photographing the birds in my backyard. In the summer, I can sit and hummingbirds will come three feet away, but in the winter time, it is just fun to see them out the window. With the pretty snowfall yesterday, I was photographing some of them! It teaches me patience, along for appreciation of the simple things in life. Continue reading Bird watching


Why do I dislike the color green? I am not sure, but I always partake in the theme by wearing something green, even if it is small.  Today I have a scarf on that has green in it. The kids notice right away if you forget. Another question. Where did the pinching if you are not wearing green start? My principal has to remind the … Continue reading Green

6×6 Memoir

This morning I was commenting on some other blogs and ran across a post about this classroom activity.  Not only did I order the book from Amazon, I gave it a try. A snow day is unexpected fun It fills my heart with joy Running, relaxing, reading, baking, and painting Time to catch up on nonsense Investigating topics at a leisurely pace Wondering when another … Continue reading 6×6 Memoir